About Course


” The Heart Within the Heart: The Emerald Turquoise journey With Mike Booth ”



This four day course offers an opportunity to explore and experience the process of individuation, the understanding of which is an important key part of the Aura-Soma®system.
In a sense it is the unfoldment or the intensification of the turquoise journey.  It implies that at whatever level of difficulty or lack of integration from which we may begin, it is how we might move towards a more centred, a more integrated disposition where all the parts of ourselves, the different aspects of our being, come into a greater degree of co-operation.
As we turn our attention towards these aspects we have the possibility of coming more to ourselves, moving closer towards the activation of the Emerald of the Heart.  As we do this we further open the pathways of consciousness for both ourselves and for humanity to discover why we are here and what we are for.
To attempt to describe this vast journey in a few words is not possible, however just to say that it is a journey which may be entirely different for each of us dependant upon not only where we start from but also what we may look at on the way to bring about the integration of the soul.
It is very possible that part of this course will take place in nature on the very beautiful east coast of Tasmania. The relationship between the Emerald of the Heart and the Earth becomes illumined as we go deeper into the Heart within the Heart.

Big Tree base-1のコピー



··· 正規コース代金 ···


(受講料, 通訳料, イヤホン, ランチとお茶代, 税込)

··· early bird discount / 早割り···

▶ 6月末までの全額お振込み ¥149,800- (申込金¥3万含)

▶  8月12日までの全額お振込み ¥159,800 (申込金¥3万含)


◆みずほ銀行 広尾支店 普通 2057585 株式会社ロージーグレイス 
◆三菱東京UFJ銀行広尾支店 普通 0361509 株式会社ロージーグレイス 
◆ゆうちょ 10120-(2) 73226801 はしもとめぐみ
 店名〇一八 店番018 普通預金 7322680 はしもとめぐみ




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